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The Creakes Drama Group

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June 2018

Summer Revue

See poster on Home Page for details of performances and ticket sales.

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The Creakes Drama Group offers a warm welcome to everyone interested in theatre.


There are many ways of getting involved with the Group: by coming to see our shows, or by becoming a member when you will enjoy priority booking for productions.


However, if you feel you might like to be more 'hands on' why not consider joining the very active group of players and backstage staff? We also need people to take on those administrative responsibilities that underpin everything.


If acting is not your forte, then come along and learn about the technical aspects of staging productions - lighting and sound, set design and building, or props. Or why not help with scene shifting, costumes, or dressing and make up?


The list is endless, but whatever you choose you'll be part of a team that ensures productions continue to achieve a high standard and attract enthusiastic audiences.


For all general enquires, except tickets and bookings, please contact Ann Dagless, Secretary, on 01328 863187 or email ann.dagless@gmail.com.



How did it all start? A Short History of the Group

It all started, as do many things, with the WI. In 1997 the North Creake group decided to put on a revue-style entertainment that was delightful. Everyone had a part in the show - costumes, sets and props were homemade, and the performers enjoyed themselves as much as the audience - but very importantly a seed was sown in the Creakes.


A year later, as the number of people interested grew and expertise developed, members of the cast and other contributors decided it was time to put things on a more permanent basis, so The Creakes Drama Group was launched with performances of The Fair Maid of Creake written by Sheila Upjohn of North Creake, with Ben Honniball, a fairly new resident in North Creake directing - the rest is history!


It was an excellent decision as Ben, who trained at RADA, had both directorial and acting experience on both the professional and amateur stage, could not resist the challenge of setting up a new company from scratch. So it was that The Creakes Drama Group was co-founded in 1998 by Ben Honniball, Chairman, and Philip Quin, Treasurer.


In 2016 the CDG is now in its 19th year, it has approximately 50 members (and 3 Honorary Life Members) who mostly live in and around North and South Creake. They can all look back with considerable pride on what has been achieved.


The Group is very fortunate in having a number of extremely talented Director, Actors and backstage staff, some of whom have professional theatre experience.


With income from ticket sales and grants, in its North Creake Village Hall, the group has installed a professional lighting and sound system, bought a stage extension and a state-of-the-art keyboard and is constantly striving to improve on what is offered to supporters. We appreciate the support given by North Creake Village Hall Committee to CDG's endeavours.


The current Chairman, Karen Adams says "I joined CDG in 2009, my first production being the Panto 'Goldilocks & The Three Bears' I have since then been involved in most of the productions either on stage or Directing and have really enjoyed being part of this extremely talented Group. I have particularly enjoyed some of the most recent summer plays in which the standard just gets better and better.



The Group is a member of NODA - The National Operatic and Dramatic Association and CDG is in Area East, Region 5. (Area 5 covers most of North Norfolk) Based on reviews by the local NODA representative, the Group has won 4 annual awards for 'Best Play in Region 5' for 'When we are Married' (2004), 'Hobson's Choice' (2006), 'Ten Times Table' (2008) and 'Separate Tables' in 2011. In addition, the following productions were also nominated for Awards: Best Panto for 'Pompeii Panto' (2011), Best Technical/Set for 'The Wizard of Oz' (2014), Best Play for 'Blithe Spirit' (2014) and we have recently been nominated for Best Play again with last summer's production of 'Cash on Delivery'


Children's Involvement

Every year we include a number of local children in our January show, which is usually either a Panto or a musical. Therefore if any children are interested in taking part, they should contact The Group's Secretary, Ann Dagless, email ann.dagless@gmail.com.