The Lloyd Memorial Hall

Originally an old village school on land donated to the village by Earl Spencer. It was rebuilt in the early 1930s as an identical Village Hall to that at Althorp. It was formally opened in 1933 and the original constitution states that it was to be used “for the purposes of physical and mental recreation plus social, moral and intellectual development for the benefit of the inhabitants of The Parish of North Creake”.

The early running of The Hall was through a management council comprising;

Earl Spencer

The Rector (Chairman)

Chairman of The Parish Council

And 2-3 members of each of the following;

The Parochial Church Council

The Methodist Chapel

The Men’s Club

The Football Club

The Women’s Institute

The Girls Friendly Society



The Hall was funded by a grant of £315 from The Carnegie United Kingdom Trust and a loan of £500 by The National Council for Social Services. The charges for hiring the hall in 1933 were one shilling (5p) per hour without heat and light and two shilling and sixpence (12.5p) with.


We have been fortunate to receive a number of legacies and donations, which is to be used for future enhancements to the fabric of the hall. These are listed on the Benefactors page. The running costs of the hall are paid out of income received from lettings, equipment and furniture hire and cinema takings. The hall has no employees and is run by volunteers who simply ask that users leave the hall as they find it.


Just like our predecessors in 1933 the present Village Hall Committee is determined to continually improve the facilities for the benefit of the local community. They are:

 Phil Lines (07905805388)Chairman
 Adam BunkleTreasurer & PC Chair
 Paul BownessTechnical
 Stuart CollinsTrustee
 Phil Lines (07905805388) 
 Adam Bunkle 
 Paul Bowness 
 Stuart Collins 
 Sam Sandell (01328 738103)Bookings Secretary and Equipment Hire
 Cath O’DriscollMinutes Secretary
 Len FletcherMember
 Grant ToothMember